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Market Entry Research

Market access through research, to help customers tap the business opportunities for business investments. To provide reliable policy recommendations.The main investment environment (PEST) analysis, industry characteristics, analysis of investment policies, competition and investment opportunities in research, investment risk analysis and other core content. 

Market Research

HZResearch has a number of successful experience in market research. After many years of accumulation and business development on projects, We can Use scientific research methods and strict quality control process to provide first-class market research consulting services for our customers interests. 

Provide market segmentation research, competitor research, market entry research, channel research and user research services.

Main services

Market Segmentation

HZResearch has many experience in market segmentation research, market segmentation research refers to the total market size by product type, the downstream consumer industries,the consumption research. 

Competitor research

By analyzing competitors, competitors can understand strategic action may be taken. The main competitor of management and organizational structure, sales, financial condition, production and R & D, marketing strategy, the core of future development strategy. 


Channels of distribution, channels main structure, channel value chain research, channel management and policy core. Principal plans to help channel, select distributors, control channel costs and so on. 

User Research

User study ,consumer behavior, including user research, customer satisfaction research, brand research. User study focused on business, government, medical institutions and educational institutions and other public facilities and units of consumer behavior and purchasing decision making process. Help manufacturers understand their consumer customers, procurement and satisfaction conditions and so on. 

HZResearch advantage

HZResearch has strict quality control system; 

HZResearch has developed a commercial database; 

HZResearch has a national data collection network; 

HZResearch has a number of industry research success cases; 

HZResearch has a professional research team and expert consultants; 

HZResearch has Porter industry analysis system model ; 

HZResearch has smooth channels and good relations between government agencies; 

HZResearch has the international advanced market research model and professional model for quantitative analysis of data; 


To meet the business-to-industry competition, competitors, customers and channels understanding; 

To meet the industry sub-sectors and enterprises for the upstream and downstream development understanding; 

Institutional investors for investment projects to meet the industry demand for enterprise screening; 

Meet the pre-IPO market segments, industries, and raise investment demand; 

Listed investment company IPO raised to meet the demand; 

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